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There are many types of City Codes. Code Enforcement takes an active role in enforcing Lake Havasu City’s Zoning, Nuisance, and International Building Codes. The purpose of Code Enforcement is to promote the health, safety and the welfare of the citizens by preserving property values and keeping our community clean.

Enforcing codes is important because:

  • It helps maintain safe communities and contributes to community pride and enjoyment
  • It helps build/maintain property values
  • Enforcement can act as a force multiplier for law enforcement, fire protection, and environmental health
  • It serves to educate the public about ordinances and laws affecting their properties
  • It helps to maintain and continue quality development of a jurisdiction
  • It protects property owners’ rights to enjoy their property without illegal infringement from surrounding properties

Code Enforcement is often misunderstood; it is not about denying people’s property rights; it is about protecting their property rights and ensuring standards that protect health and safety as well as neighborhood quality of life issues. 

  • Unlicensed and/or non-operational vehicles that are not screened from view or are not in the side or rear yard with fitted covers.
  • Trash, auto parts, dead landscaping debris and unusable items visible from the public right-of-way or adjacent properties.
  • Occupying an RV or travel trailer for more than 7 days per calendar quarter on an improved residential property. Camping on a vacant lot is prohibited.
  • Outdoor storage of business equipment and/or business supplies related to a home occupation.
  • Structures other than walls, fences or hedges located in the front, side or rear yard setbacks areas.
  • Citizens who place their trash to the curb more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time. 

We respond to citizen complaints and observed health & safety violations by addressing building and zoning violations within the community.

You may file a complaint about a possible code violation in person, in writing, by email, by phone, or by using our mobile app.

Be prepared with the following information when you report the issue:

  • The address of the property.
  • A detailed description of the situation.
  • The length of time you have observed the situation. 

The inspector will check the property to determine if the complaint is valid. Our goal is to perform the initial inspection within two business days. We attempt to make contact with the tenant or property owner as part of the initial inspection to explain the nature of the complaint. If a violation is found, we mail a Notice of Violation to the property owner and tenant. Per city code, we allow the violator up to 30 days to take care of the issue. In many cases the issue is resolved well before the 30-day time limit. Non-compliance may lead to criminal prosecution and a fine of up to $2,500 per violation.


Q: May I keep my broken-down vehicle in the driveway or the front yard?

A:  No. Vehicles that are not operational or are unregistered must be kept in a garage or placed in the side or rear yard and screened from view by a fence or concealed with a fitted cover.

Q: May I park vehicles in my front yard?

A:  Vehicles that are roadworthy and have current registration may be parked in any yard, but they must not cause a traffic visibility issue.

Q: May I park my vehicle on a vacant residential lot?

A:  No. Personal vehicle parking is considered an accessory residential use and is not allowed on a vacant lot.

Q: May I have company stay in an RV parked at my house?

A:  Yes, but only for a maximum of one week in a calendar quarter.

Q: When can I drain a swimming pool?

A:  You may drain your swimming pool onto your own property and landscape at any time of day. You may also drain your pool directly to the sanitary sewer via your sewer clean-out port at any time of day, but must notify the Wastewater Department a half-day ahead of time (928-855-3999). Lastly, you may drain your pool into the street if other options aren’t feasible. You may drain your swimming pool to the street between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am only.

Q: How often can I have a garage sale?

A:  You are allowed no more than two garage sales per calendar year. Each sale can last no longer than three consecutive days.


Enforcement is conducted based on the violation, not the violator. The focus of enforcement is on the nuisance, activity, or structure, without regard to the source of the complaint or the nature or character of the violator. These are seen as violations against the jurisdiction and not against neighbors or other individuals, although some complaints stem from neighbor disputes.

Code Enforcement provides violators a chance to comply voluntarily and is usually done with a flexible, creative, and helpful approach, especially when dealing with people who have difficulty meeting compliance due to age, infirmity, or temporary financial hardship.

Seeking voluntary compliance first and foremost, enforcement efforts are directed at providing opportunities for solving problems and eliminating violations, not punishing people.

Contact Police Department (928) 855-1171 for the following concerns or questions:

  • Abandoned vehicles on public streets
  • Graffiti, in any locations
  • Vehicles illegally parked on public streets

Contact Animal Control (928) 855-4111 for the following concerns or questions:

  • Animal control, dogs running at large (daytime), licensing and vaccination of dogs, dead or injured animals
  • Animal control, barking dogs, poisoning of animals, possession of fighting animals
  • Animals, unsanitary conditions, dog feces

Contact Parks (928) 855-1851 for the following concerns or questions:

  • Street trees, trimming

Contact Planning and Zoning (928) 453-4148 for the following concerns or questions:

  • Zoning questions

Contact Fire Department (928) 855-1141 for the following concerns or questions:

  • Fire hazard

Call 911 for all Fire Emergencies

Contact Mohave County Health Department at (928) 453-0712 for the following concerns or questions:

  • Dog feces
  • Feeding pigeons
  • Green pool water