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COVID-19 has affected nearly every person and business entity in the nation. In Lake Havasu City, our local businesses have experienced sharp financial declines due to emergency closures and other COVID-19 related impacts.

To provide emergency funding to these businesses, Lake Havasu City has allocated a portion of it's AZ CARES Act Funding to assist in paying their bills to prevent them from going out of business. These funds, approved in the amount of up to $250,000, are dedicated to the LHC Resource Alliance CARES Grant and distributed through River Cities United Way

The LHC Resource Alliance, a dedicated team from the City of Lake Havasu, Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce River Cities United Way, Havasu Community Health Foundation and Better Business Bureau are reviewing grant applications weekly to award funds as quickly as possible.

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Vice Mayor David Lane talks to the Food Bank Manager, Colleen Mattinson about the work the Food Bank is doing to help the community.

Three weeks ago, we established the LHC Resource Alliance, and the impact we've made has been tremendous. Thank you for calling, and thank you for donating. Please continue to share this information with those needing assistance in the community. Together, we will make it through this crisis.

The true strength of a community shines brightest in times of adversity. Now more than ever, as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, Lake Havasu City is staking priority in the livelihood of its citizens and businesses. Many of our valued community members have already been adversely affected by the current situation, and action needs to be taken to address these pressing concerns. Lake Havasu City, along with local trusted resources, have formed the LHC Resource Alliance to provide assistance with food, relief funds, business support and mental health services.

The LHC Resource Alliance is housed by the City of Lake Havasu and will connect the community through the COVID-19 crisis. The collaborative is spearheaded by Vice Mayor David Lane, and comprised of the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, Havasu Community Heath Foundation, River Cities United Way and Better Business Bureau. The mission of this alliance is to funnel our trusted resources into one easily accessible location, through the City, for the protection, education and assistance of our community. A single point of entry will ensure our most vulnerable population will not only receive the proper services they need, but also protect them from falling victim to inaccurate and potentially dangerous information.

“We recognized residents and business owners were going to need help, and we also knew many people were offering to help, with neither group knowing where to turn. Lake Havasu City has many organizations which already provide many of these important services at a local level. It was our responsibility to bring them together so people had a trusted and verified portal to access information and obtain relief,” explains Vice Mayor David Lane.

Help starts here. Please call one of the 3 numbers listed below to find assistance or funds for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

  • To donate monetary funds to the secure, trusted and transparent River Cities United Way Emergency Preparedness Fund. All donations remain local.
  • To apply for personal relief funds addressing (but not limited to) loss of income, rent, utilities, childcare, homeschooling supplies, loss of access to technology.
  • To donate items such as food, hygiene supplies and medical supplies.
  • For individuals to seek or apply for relief assistance addressing (but not limited to) food pick-up and delivery, transportation, shelter, mental health, senior assistance, access to essential services.
  • For guidance to trusted sources addressing (but not limited to) small business loans, grants, employee information, laws and regulations, if your business needs to close it’d doors, IRS and tax information.
  • For daily webinars on these topics, visit:
  • To reach the Small Business Administration, visit:
  • To apply for relief funds addressing (but not limited to) business expenses such as administrative salaries, utilities, office supplies, technology maintenance, project costs, capital, and technology purchases.

Please check the Lake Havasu City website for a comprehensive list of many more resources, which will be continuously updated. For direct questions regarding the LHC Resource Alliance, please call Vice Mayor David Lane.