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The Lake Havasu City Development Services Department and Fire Department will be proposing the adoption of the 2018 International Building/Fire Codes with local amendments to stay up to date with the Tri-City area and ensure construction is safe and the industry utilizes updated technology. This would replace the previously adopted 2012 International Building Codes with local amendments.

The proposed local amendments under review include changes that are intended to:

Address unique local conditions

  • Deal with construction problems based upon City staff’s expertise and experience
  • Further streamline the amendments to align more with the published 2018 Building and Fire Codes
  • Ensure the Building and Fire Codes are in concert with each other

Written comments can be sent to:

LHC Development Services Department
c/o Building Official
2330 McCulloch Blvd. N
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Comments can be submitted by clicking on the link below. Comments must be received by:  May 18, 2021.

2018 International Building/Fire Codes with local amendments will be presented to the City Council in May with a possible adoption in June. Meeting agendas are posted in advance at the linke below.