December 17, 2020

With home package deliveries occurring frequently this holiday season, the risk of package thefts increase significantly when packages are left unattended outside of your residence for an extended amount of time. 

The Lake Havasu City Police Department encourages residents to take steps to avoid packages being stolen, such as signing up for tracking notifications, retrieving parcels as soon as they are delivered, or requiring signatures for delivery. Having packages delivered to secured delivery locations such as Amazon Hub Locker locations or postal businesses can deter theft as well. By investing in a residential video doorbell to mitigate the risk of package thieves, or protecting your home with entry sensors, motion sensors, and cameras for comprehensive visibility, residents can have increased peace of mind this holiday season. It is also recommended that residents lock their vehicles at all times to protect all the belongings inside, to include any recent gift purchases and valuables.

If you suspect any suspicious activity in the community, you are encouraged to call the Lake Havasu City Police Department at 928-855-1171 to make a report. If you would like additional information on preventing package thefts, click the link below.


Public Information Officer: Detective Chris Angus

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