July 06, 2020

The Lake Havasu City Police Department wants to warn the community about fraudulent scams that are occurring in Lake Havasu City utilizing a mobile application form of payment. 

One of the current scams involve the victim being asked to send money to an unknown subject through the mobile payment application Zelle to take part in an investment opportunity. Once the Zelle transaction is complete, the victim receives a fraudulent check in the mail from the unknown subject, and in return, is asked to continue sending money through Zelle for additional investment profits.

A second scam involving the use of Zelle is occurring in the form of rental property scams. The victim attempts to rent property in Lake Havasu City and is asked to submit payment through the Zelle application to an unknown subject. Once the victim submits payment, the unknown subject then acknowledges receipt of the payment and confirms shipment of the property keys, however the victim does not receive the shipment. 

The Lake Havasu City Police Department encourages the community to use caution when using any mobile application payment method, and always attempt to verify the identity of the person you are attempting to conduct business with, and is a person you can trust. Be aware that scammers are constantly devising new schemes in an attempt to get your money, and the use of mobile payment applications are becoming more frequent. 

If you would like additional consumer tips of things you can do to avoid becoming a victim, or to find out about current scams, you can visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website

Public Information Officer:  Detective Chris Angus

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