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On Monday February 28th, Lake Havasu City Transit’s THEBRIDGE will begin a pilot fixed route with its Gray route circulator.

This route will service 9 bus stop locations in the downtown corridor and the temporary transit hub located in the Pima Wash parking lot off Mesquite.

Hours of operation will be Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 2:00 pm. There will be no weekend or City observed holiday service.

Riders can view the Gray routes times through a new app on your smart phone called RouteShout 2.0. You can find Route Shout on the app store for Apple devices and Google play for Android devices.

RouteShout 2.0 - Apps on Google Play

Fares: During the pilot route phase there will no fares required to ride THEBRIDGE Gray route. This pilot phase will provide the community an opportunity to try the Gray route plus provide live transit operational data, testing, and troubleshooting 

Note: No fare to ride THEBRIDGE will only be temporary during the pilot phase. Once the pilot phase has been completed fares will be as followed.

Fares are per rider and per one complete loop

  • Adult $1.25
  • Senior and students $0.75
  • Veteran $0.75
NOVEMBER 12, 2021

DIRECT NEWS – Beginning Monday November 15th Direct will be in operation 6:00 am through 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Direct provides a connected affordable-safe-modern transportation option to the Lake Havasu City community. To operate efficiently and effectively Direct utilizes zone coverage-South-Central-North. In zone fare $3.00 per rider zone to zone $5.00 per rider maximum. Direct is available on the UBER app look for LHCT Direct or LHCT Flex.

Unfortunately Direct does not travel to The Shops. The good news is that in early 2022 THE BRIDGE fixed route will have an Express route going to The Shops. Check back for updates in the new year.

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

The Bridge launch pilot has been delayed until mid-December. Check back for updates.

OCTOBER 1, 2021

DIRECT UPDATE - Beginning Monday October 4th DIRECT’s time of operating is 6:00 am through 12:00 pm (noon). All three zones will be in operation. South-Central-North.

This service can be requested and paid for using the Uber app on your smart phone. Riders who would like to use DIRECT choose LHCT “Lake Havasu City Transit

Ride fare is $3.00 per person in zone, if your ride takes you to another zone $5.00 is the maximum fare.

Any question please call the Transit office between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.


Lake Havasu City Transit is a Division of the Lake Havasu City Public Works department. The City has provided some form of subsidized public transit through the Transit Division since 2006. All of the transit staff are certified under local, state, and federal requirements such as PASS (Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity), ADOT Defensive Driving course (Arizona Department of Safety), Basic First Aid, and CPR.


Check this page frequently to read about Lake Havasu City Transit news and updates.

The Transit Department continues to work through the implementation plan getting actions completed in preparation for the launch of the new Public Transit system. I would like to provide the community an overview of what is planned and a few reasons why we need a unique public transit system available, as unique as Lake Havasu City is to its citizens and visitors. During the coming months these articles will focus on a specific part of the service delivery options and plan. 

Believe it or not facts, most people would like see a public transportation alternative available to them if needed. Businesses of all sizes and types would like to have a public transit system for their customers and workers. Include families of middle and high school age students, it’s time for a purpose built public transit system in Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu City Transit is not mass transit but a custom designed public transit system to fit the transit needs of Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu City Transit will be providing three types of public transit and will launch in phases over the coming 6-12 months. Each service delivery type has been selected to provide a transportation alternative that will enhance each other service delivery type once the system is fully operational.



  • Days of Operation – Monday through Friday - Closed on City holidays.
  • Office Hours - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.