To provide and deliver a safe, innovative, professional, and accessible public transportation to Lake Havasu City’s residents and visitors while maintaining the integrity of a distinctive Arizona waterfront community.


Deliver customer-friendly, reliable, efficient, and sustainable public transportation services that encourage residents and visitors to select Lake Havasu City Transit as an important part of their routine transportation option.

Lake Havasu City Transit provides three unique Transit services:

TheBridge: this is our fixed route we are still developing this service with our Pilot Route. This route is called the Gray Route is a 9 stop circulator that starts at Pima Wash Parking Lot. 

Direct: this service is our on-demand service this is offered on the Uber App on Apple App Store or Google Play.  We run this service with two types of vehicles small vans or ADA vehicles.  When you are on the app you can locate these two services under LHCT Direct or LHCT Flex (ADA option).

FLEX is our Paratransit Curb to Curb service option and this is service is for Veterans, Seniors 60+, and ADA-certified patrons (regardless of age) within in the city limits.


Patrick Cipres - Transit Manager
Jeanette Buckley - Transit Specialist
Lindsey Graham - Transit Dispatcher


  • Days of Operation – Monday through Friday - Closed on City holidays.
  • Office Hours - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.