Lake Havasu City Transit (LHCT) provides a unique solution when it comes to delivering public transportation to Lake Havasu City. The Transit Division has developed its DIRECT service into a dynamic demand response service that fulfills both a Microtransit and Paratransit need for the community.


The new LHC DIRECT app is fully deployed and ready to take you where you need to go.

Our new cashless fare solution is in the process of being completed. Check back for updates.

Moving forward Transit will focus on adding new customers and continue to convert former UBER platform users to the new LHC DIRECT app.


  • Thursday May 9th is the final day for the UBER app. See the website on how to download the new LHC DIRECT app.
  • For a limited time customers booking on the new LHC DIRECT app will not be charged the $3.25 fare
  • LHC DIRECT hours of Public Transit operations are Monday through Friday 6:30 and through 5:00 pm. Closed weekends and City recognized Holidays