If you received a traffic complaint, please review the following information. You must respond to the Court in person or, if eligible, use the options below, on or before the date/time indicated on your complaint. If after reviewing the information below you still have questions, please contact the Court directly. 

Lake Havasu City Municipal Court is open from 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, with walk-up window hours 8:30-4:30. If you are under 18 years of age a parent/guardian must accompany you to court.


If the charge filed against you is CRIMINAL, you must appear in court on the date and time specified on the traffic citation or complaint. IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR a Warrant will be issued for your arrest.  These actions may be reported to the Motor Vehicle Division, which could affect your right to drive or re-register your vehicle(s).


Civil Traffic cases may be resolved prior to the appearance date on your citation by one of the following options:


Attending Defensive Driving School (DDS) provides the opportunity to have one eligible charge dismissed. You may complete DDS for one moving violation every 12 months. By doing so you will not need to appear in Court and there will be no points assessed to your driving record. The School will collect payment at the time of registration. Visit azdrive.com for a full list of all eligible violations.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders may be eligible to attend DDS only if, the holder was driving a vehicle requiring a class D or M license and the vehicle was NOT being used for commercial purposes.

The Court will only accept classes which are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. To find a school visit azdrive.com or call the number below (automated response only). You must enroll and complete the online program at least ten days prior to your next court date. The registration process can take up to (3) days to complete. Once registered if you find you need more time to complete the class, you will need to make a request for a continuance in writing with the court. There is no guarantee your request will be granted.


Waive your right to a hearing, enter a plea of responsible, and pay the fine. You do not need to appear in court. If you exercise this option, the conviction may appear on your driving record and you waive your right to a hearing. The Court is required to report convictions of moving violations and no insurance violations to the Motor Vehicle Division, which then may impose additional consequences upon your driving privileges.

Payment must be received by the Court prior to your court date. Payment can be made online at azcourtpay.com, by mail in the provided envelope, in person, or by fax (928) 680-0193. We suggest allowing at least 5-7 days for a mailed payment. If you intend to plea responsible but cannot afford to pay the full amount of the court fines and fees as it would constitute an economic burden, you may request a time payment plan with the Court. A time payment fee of $20.00 will be assessed.

If you choose to personally appear at the court, please wait at least ten (10) business days from when you received the citation.


Request a civil traffic hearing to contest the violation(s). A court date will be set for you to appear before the Judge. You will have the opportunity to present evidence and have witnesses testify on your behalf.

Please note, if you request a hearing you will no longer be eligible to attend Defensive Driving School.

To request a hearing, use one of the following options:

You will be notified by mail of your new court date. You may also appear in person at the court to request a hearing.


If you select this option, it means that you wish to contest the violation(s) alleged on the ticket/complaint before a Judge.

By requesting a hearing, you are giving up your option to attend defensive driving school.

Write the citation/complaint number below and indicate the violation(s) for which you want a hearing by circling the letter that corresponds to the violation on your ticket.




Listed below are Violation Codes with fine amounts including Mandatory state surcharges and assessments.  If Violation is not listed contact the court.

28-701A Failure to Control Speed/Accident $220.00
28-701A (1-10 MPH Over Limit) $205.00
28-701A (11-15 MPH Over Limit) $220.00
28-701A (16-20 MPH Over Limit) $235.00
28-701A (21-25 MPH Over Limit) $250.00
28-701A (26-30 MPH Over Limit) $305.00
28-701A (31-35 MPH Over Limit) $330.00
28-701A (36-40 MPH Over Limit) $355.00
28-701A (41+ MPH Over Limit)
28-702.01A Waste of Finite Resources $92.50
28-702.01C 55-65 MPH $205.00
28-702.01C 66-70 MPH
28-702.01C 71-75 MPH
28-702.01C 76-80 MPH
28-702.01C 81-85 MPH
28-702.01C 86-90 MPH
28-702.01C 91-100 MPH
28-702.01C 91-100 MPH
28-702.01C 101+ MPH
28-710A Highway Work Zone Speed
28-797 F/G Speed in School Zone $243.80
28-797 H/I Speed in School Zone $346.30
28-448A Failure to Change Name/Address $170.00
28-644A1Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device $210.00
28-645A3A Red Light Violation $205.00*
28-723, 28-724 Overtaking on the Left/Right $200.00
28-726 Driving Left of Center $200.00
28-727 No Passing Zone
28-730 Following Too Close $200.00
28-753 Unsafe Starting Parked Vehicle $200.00
28-754 Turning Movements $200.00
28-755 Fail to Use Signal $200.00
28-771 Failure to Yield $200.00
28-772 Fail to Yield on Left Turn at Intersection $200.00
28-773 Fail to Yield from Stop Sign $200.00
28-774 Fail to Yield from Private Drive $200.00
28-775 Approaching Emergency Vehicle $200.00
28-792A/B Pedestrian Right of Way $200.00
28-855 Stop Sign Violation $200.00
28-857Al Fail to Stop for School Bus $510.80
28-873 Stop/Stand/Park Where Prohibited $190.00
28-884 Stop/Stand/Park in Handicapped Zone $210.00

Additional Violation Information*

A.R.S 28-645A3A – Red Light Violations: Persons found responsible or entering a plea of responsible for red-light traffic control signals, including flashing stop signals violations, will be ordered by the Motor Vehicle Division to attend and successfully complete Traffic Survival School.

A.R.S 28-907(A)/(B) – Fail to Properly use a Child Restraint System: If issued for failing to equip the motor vehicle with child restraint system and proof of subsequent remediation is presented the Court shall suspend the civil penalty.

Acceptable forms of proof are: Presentation of the actual child restraint system; Presentation of a photograph of the child restraint system installed in the vehicle or Presentation of a receipt that reflects the proof of purchase of a child restraint system.

28-907A/B Child Passenger Restraint System $154.80*
28-909Al Lap and Shoulder Belt Required $ 83.60
28-2060A/B Fail to Transfer Registration/Title within30 days $165.00
28-2153A No Current Registration $185.00*
28-2154B2 No adult with permit only driver $190.00
28-2158C Failure to possess registration $185.00*
28-2354A1 No Rear License Plate $185.00
28-2532A No Current registration $599.80*
28-3151A No Valid Driver License $175.00*
28-3154Bl No Instruction Permit in Possession $190.00
28-3154B2 No Adult with Driver with Instruction Permit Only $190.00
28-3169 Fail to Possess/Display Driver License $170.00
28-3475 Permit Unauthorized Person to Drive $205.00
28-3482A Driving on Supended License for FTA/FTP $250.00

Additional Violation Information*

A.R.S 28-3151 – Driving without a valid Driver’s License and proper endorsement: When provided proof that Defendant has become licensed to drive, the Court may reduce the total civil penalty

A.R.S 28-3169 – Failure to possess a Driver’s License While Operating a Motor Vehicle: This charge shall be Dismissed if the Defendant can provide proof that Driver’s license was current at the time of Violation. This proof must be received on/or prior to Defendant’s appearance date.

A.R.S 28-2153 – Fail to Register a Vehicle for the Current Registration year: With an acceptable form of proof of registration and registration was not expired more than 30 day(s), the Court shall suspend civil penalty. 

A.R.S 28-2158C – Fail to carry Registration Card in vehicle: The court shall suspend civil penalty if Defendant provides a registration card that was current at the time the violation occurred.

A.R.S 28-2532 – Fail to Register or display plates for the Current Registration Year: With an acceptable form of proof of current registration in this State the Court shall Dismiss the violation.  Proof such as: MVD receipt reflecting the vehicle has been registered in this state; A photo of the Arizona plate that reflects tags for the current registration year.

28-4135A No mandatory Insurance *
28-4135B/C No proof of Insurance *
28-4139A Mandatory Insurance Suspended Plate *

Additional Violation Information*

A.R.S 28-4135 A – Fail to Possess or Present Evidence of Financial Responsibility: Violation carries a fine ranging from $955.80 to $1845.80. The violation is not Dismissible however, it may be reduced to $297.00. Defendant would need to present an acceptable form of BOTH of the following:

That the Defendant has not been found responsible for a violation of section 28-4135 within the past twenty-four months or not more than one violation within the past thirty-six months as evidenced by the Defendants MVD driving record; and that the Defendant has purchased a six-month policy of insurance that meets the requirement of A.R.S 28-4009.

A.R.S 28-4135 (B) & (C) – No Proof of Insurance: Violation carries a fine ranging from $955.80 to $1845.80.  If Insurance was current at the time, charge may be Dismissed when Proof provided to the Court. Acceptable form of proof would be presentation of a current insurance card or insurance document that reflects the motor vehicle was insured at the time violation occurred.

If the vehicle was uninsured at the time of violation however, Defendant can provide proof to the court that a (6) month policy has been purchased the civil penalty may be reduced. This proof would need to be received prior to defendant’s appearance date.

A.R.S 28-4139A – Displaying Suspended Number Plate: Violation carries a fine amount of $510.80.  Charge may be Dismissed if Defendant presents a Mandatory Insurance Suspension Clearance letter from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. 

10.12.010 More than 18’ from Curb $75.00
10.12.030 Curb less Roadway Parking $90.00
10.12.040 Stop/Stand/Parking Prohibited $90.00
10.12.050 Prohibited School Parking $90.00
10.12.060 Limited Time Parking $105.00
10.12.080 Curb marking/Signs Restrict Parking $75.00
10.12.120 Handicapped Parking $140.00
10.12.140 Parking out of Space $90.00
10.12.170 Commercial Veh. Residential Zone $185.00
10.16.020 Parked for sale Undeveloped land $90.00
10.16.050 Parked for sale Private Property $90.00
10.16.100 Parked for Sale/ Highway 95 corridor $90.00
11.04.190 Parked in Fire lane $140.00
5-321F No Registration on board $215.00
5-331A No type IV Throwable Device $165.00
5-331C No Life Jacket, Child Under 12 Years $190.00
5-332A No Fire Extinguisher $200.00
5-343 Excess Wake $225.00
5-350A No PFD on PWC $185.00
8.16.130 OVERNIGHT MOORING $290.00
8.16.150 SWIMMING IN CHANNEL $240.00
28-914A1A/A1B/A2 Use of Wireless Device while driving - First Offence $243.80/Second Offence $421.80