October 19, 2023

Lake Havasu City Transit is changing the services it provides to best serve the public in Lake Havasu City. The Direct and Flex (ADA users) services are widely popular, with almost 20,000 riders in the last twelve months. This service allows the user to request a ride through an app or by phone call. The service costs the user $3 or $5, depending on the length of the ride. 

Based on ridership, the fixed-route system has not met the expectations of Lake Havasu City Transit and a change is needed. The Bridge first served Lake Havasu City residents on February 28, 2022, and will have its final ride this Friday, October 20, 2023. The Transit Division ran three different pilot routes, to identify a route that would be beneficial and sustainable for the residents of Lake Havasu City. The data collected was evaluated and it is determined that the system did not produce the expected ridership.

Public demand for The Direct and Flex (ADA users) services has increased substantially since our initial announcement of the service and surpassed the public demand for a fixed route service (The Bridge). This change will allow Transit to meet the needs of those who preferred the fixed route, while also giving Transit more flexibility to add more stops and save time for passengers.

The future of Lake Havasu City Transit remains committed to providing exceptional services to our residents through our Direct and Flex (ADA users) services for all future transportation needs. These services provide flexible access to transportation and are an example of how data and technology can better address transportation and connect our community to jobs, healthcare, and educational opportunities.

Residents can download the Uber app from their phone’s app store or call the phone number below to help set up your account or to get help booking a ride. Additional information on Lake Havasu City Transit can also be found by visiting the link below.

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