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Lake Havasu City requires businesses and individuals to obtain a business license when conducting business within City limits prior to operating. Some of these businesses also require a Privilege Tax License.

Every person desiring to engage in business within the City shall make application to the Administrative Services Director or designee for a business license accompanied by a fee, which includes an application fee plus one annual license fee or a lesser amount of the annual license fee prorated in quarterly increments. No person shall engage or continue in business unless issued a valid business license and all applicable license fees have been paid. (from City Code Section 5.04.020). Business licenses shall be in effect and valid for 1 year, or any portion of a year, from the date of application and license shall renew each year thereafter on January 1, unless earlier cancelled pursuant to this chapter. Below is a list of business license fees.

NEW Business License Application January-March $167
NEW Business License Application April-June $138
NEW Business License Application July-September $107
NEW Business License Application October-December $71
RENEWAL Business License Application
Temporary Special Event Business License, per day, maximum 4 days/event/year

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Due to the fact that some types of licensing require inspections, it is imperative to allow enough lead time for processing your application prior to opening your business.

Our business license applications are available online. You can click the links below to download.