Click the link below to download the Community Resources Guide. Resources include:

  • Early childhood/youth services
  • Food/clothing/housing/utilities
  • Couseling/substance/alcohol
  • Law enforcement
  • Victim services/support/shelter
  • Early childhood/youth services



Provide sound legal guidance and representation as well as effective prosecution to facilitate the development and implementation of the City Council's vision for the community.


The Civil Division of the City Attorney's office provides legal representation and advice to the Mayor and City Council, City staff, boards, and commissions. The City Attorney is responsible for drafting, reviewing and/or approving as to form all proposed ordinances, contracts, and resolutions which may be considered for adoption by the City Council to ensure that they adequately protect the legal interests of the City. The City Attorney is also responsible to act as the legal advisor to the City Manager with respect to matters involving an official duty or any legal matter pertaining to the affairs of the City. The City Attorney, in consultation with the City Council, may appear in any and all litigation affecting the City and may appear and represent the City.

Other responsibilities include: assisting City Departments with various projects; coordination of the City's representation in legal proceedings, including personnel matters and civil litigation hearings; representing the City in land and shoreline acquisitions and future developments to ensure that the City's best interests are being met through growth and development in accordance with the City's General Plan.

The City Attorney cannot provide legal services/advice to private citizens. However, the Arizona State Bar provides information on lawyer referral, low income, and self-help legal services.

Mohave County Community Legal Services may also be helpful to citizens with low incomes in seeking legal representation and/or answers to general legal questions.



To administer justice in a fair and ethical manner with a focus on providing support to crime victims under Arizona's Victim's Rights laws, efficiently and aggressively prosecuting criminal matters and working side by side with law enforcement in a combined effort to serve the needs of the community.


The Criminal Division is responsible for the efficient disposition of criminal cases prosecuted in the Municipal Court, including revoking probation of convicted defendants, as necessary and obtaining restitution not only for crime victims but also for the police department for the investigation of DUI accidents. The City Prosecutors also provide legal advice to the Police Dept., Code Enforcement Division, Western Arizona Humane Society and the Registrar of Contractors as well as review cases for screening of potential criminal charges. The City Prosecutor is also responsible for filing and processing asset forfeitures.