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Provide sound legal guidance and representation as well as effective prosecution to facilitate the development and implementation of the City Council's vision for the community.


The Civil Division of the City Attorney's office provides legal representation and advice to the Mayor and City Council, City staff, boards, and commissions. The City Attorney is responsible for drafting, reviewing and/or approving as to form all proposed ordinances, contracts, and resolutions which may be considered for adoption by the City Council to ensure that they adequately protect the legal interests of the City. The City Attorney is also responsible to act as the legal advisor to the City Manager with respect to matters involving an official duty or any legal matter pertaining to the affairs of the City. The City Attorney, in consultation with the City Council, may appear in any and all litigation affecting the City and may appear and represent the City.

Other responsibilities include: assisting City Departments with various projects; coordination of the City's representation in legal proceedings, including personnel matters and civil litigation hearings; representing the City in land and shoreline acquisitions and future developments to ensure that the City's best interests are being met through growth and development in accordance with the City's General Plan.

The City Attorney cannot provide legal services/advice to private citizens. However, the Arizona State Bar ( provides information on lawyer referral, low income, and self-help legal services.

The following organization may also be helpful to citizens with low incomes in seeking legal representation and/or answers to general legal questions: Community Legal Services - Mohave County Click HERE to visit their website.



To administer justice in a fair and ethical manner with a focus on providing support to crime victims under Arizona's Victim's Rights laws, efficiently and aggressively prosecuting criminal matters and working side by side with law enforcement in a combined effort to serve the needs of the community.


The Criminal Division is responsible for the efficient disposition of criminal cases prosecuted in the Municipal Court, including revoking probation of convicted defendants, as necessary and obtaining restitution not only for crime victims but also for the police department for the investigation of DUI accidents. The City Prosecutors also provide legal advice to the Police Dept., Code Enforcement Division, Western Arizona Humane Society and the Registrar of Contractors as well as review cases for screening of potential criminal charges. The City Prosecutor is also responsible for filing and processing asset forfeitures.


Do I Need an Attorney?

You must answer this question for yourself. You may either represent yourself or hire an attorney No other person besides you or your attorney may represent you on your case.

You may or may not qualify for a court-appointed attorney. The Court alone can make that determination. You should promptly inform the Court if you already have an attorney or plan to hire one, or if you are requesting that the Court appoint an attorney to represent you.

Once an attorney has entered an appearance on your behalf concerning your case, your attorney must communicate with the Prosecutor on your behalf. The Prosecutor cannot speak with represented defendants without their attorney present.

What is an Initial Appearance/Arraignment?

At your initial appearance/arraignment, the Judge will advise you of your rights and explain the charges brought against you. You will be asked to enter a plea concerning the charges.

The City Attorney's Office cannot speak to you or answer questions regarding your case before you have been advised of your rights and have entered a plea.

No testimony will be taken at initial appearance/arraignment and no witnesses will be present unless your case involved an alleged victim who has asked to be present. The Court will not grant any request to dismiss any charges at initial appearance/arraignment. Instead, you must decide upon a plea and enter your plea to the charges against you.

Under the American system of justice, all persons are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Your decision on which plea to enter is one of the most important decisions you will have to make at your initial appearance/arraignment. There are three possible pleas to a criminal charge: Guilty, No Contest (or Nolo Contendere), or Not Guilty.

What are my options when entering a plea?

  • Guilty

    A plea of guilty means that you admit that you committed the act charged in the complaint, that the act is prohibited by law, and that you have no legal defense for your act. If you were involved in a traffic accident at the time of the alleged offense, your plea of guilty could be used later in a civil suit for damages as an admission by you relative to the question of fault. If you enter a plea of guilty, you may be sentenced following the Judge's acceptance of your plea, or you may be sentenced at a later date.

  • No Contest

    A plea of no contest, also known as nolo contendere, means that you are not admitting or denying guilt. You are saying that you do not wish to contest the State's charge against you. Upon a plea of no contest, the Judge will impose a sentence as if you plead guilty. If you enter a plea of no contest, you may be sentenced following the Judge's acceptance of your plea, or you may be sentenced at a later date.

  • Not Guilty 

    A plea of not guilty means that you are informing the Court that you deny guilt and that the State must prove the criminal charge against you. Under our American system of justice, all criminal defendants are presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If your plea is not guilty, a pretrial conference will be scheduled with the Prosecutor in the City Attorney's Office.

How do I reschedule a court date?

You will need to submit a written request to the Court (with a copy to the City Attorney's Office) to postpone any Court date. Be sure to include your name, current contact information, the case number, and the reason for your request, together with any documentation, such as a doctor's statement, to support your request. This is only a request - it is up to the Court whether or not to grant the request.

Is there a flow chart that shows what the typical course of action is at each stage of a case?

The flow charts are available below:

Dispatch - City Police 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch City Police (928) 855-4111
Lake Havasu City Police Department (General Information) (928) 855-1171
AZ DV Hotline
(800) 799-7233
Mohave County Sheriff's Office (928) 764-3535
Court Prosecution
Lake Havasu City Municipal and Justice Courts (Includes Orders of Protection) (928) 453-0705
Lake Havasu City Prosecutor's Office (Misdemeanor Cases within the City Limits) (928) 854-4388
Legal Defender - Mohave County - Main Office Kingman (Conflict Cases for Lake Havasu City Justice Court (928) 753-0772
Mohave County Attorney's Office - Main Office Kingman (All Felony Cases and Misdemeanor Cases Outside of City Limits) (928) 753-0719
Mohave County Attorney's Office - Satellite Office LHC (928) 854-3501
Mohave County Probation - Lake Havasu City (928) 453-0707
Mohave County Superior Court - Lake Havasu City (Division II) (928) 453-0701
Mohave County Superior Court - Kingman (Main Number - All other Divisions) (928) 753-0713
Public Defender - City (Misdemeanor Cases within City Limits) Court Appointed (928) 753-5295
Public Defender - Mohave County - Main Office Kingman (Felonies and Misdemeanors Outside City Limits) (928) 753-0734
Public Defender - Mohave County - Satellite Office LHC (Felonies and Misdemeanors Outside City Limits) (928) 453-0723
Mohave County Jail (928) 753-0759
Victim Compensation - Mohave County (Felonies and Misdemeanors Outside of City Limits) (928) 718-4967
Victim Assistance - Lake Havasu City (Misdemeanors within City Limits) (928) 854-4388
Victim Assistance - Lake Havasu City (Felony Cases) (928) 753-0719
Information/Referral Agencies/Counseling Services
Addiction Help Today
(838) 300-3088
Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Hotline (800) 782-6400
Community Legal Services (Civil Legal Assistance and Representation/Low Income, Must Qualify Financially) (800) 255-9031
Mohave Mental Health Clinic - Lake Havasu City (Counseling Services) (928) 855-3432
Pregnancy Care Center (Parenting Classes, Free Pregnancy Tests, Child Birth Classes (928) 855-2273
Salvation Army (Assistance with Utilities, Living Expenses) (928) 505-3933
H.A.V.E.N. Family Resource Center (Services are for Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence) (928) 505-3153
You can also visit our Domestic Violence Task Force page HERE.

The City Attorney's Office cannot provide legal advice and does not represent individuals in private legal matters. Please see the referral list for a list of community resources.