If the charge filed against you is a CRIMINAL TRAFFIC violation or a MISDEMEANOR, you MUST appear in Court on the date and time specified on the traffic citation or complaint.

CIVIL TRAFFIC cases can be resolved prior to the appearance date on your complaint by one of the three  following options:


A court appearance is not required. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view a schedule of fines. Payment can be made as follows:


Plea Not Responsible and request a Civil Traffic Hearing. You can request a hearing using the following methods:

You will be notified by mail of your new court date. You may also appear in person at the court to request a hearing.


If you select this option, it means that you wish to contest the violation(s) alleged on the ticket/complaint before a Judge.

By requesting a hearing, you are giving up your option to attend defensive driving school.

Write the citation/complaint number below and indicate the violation(s) for which you want a hearing by circling the letter that corresponds to the violation on your ticket.




Attend a defensive driving class at least 7 days prior to the appearance date on your citation. You may only complete defensive driving for dismissal of one moving violation every twelve months. Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders are not eligible for defensive driving. The court will only accept classes which are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court . To find an approved class, call the number or visit the website below.

If you complete defensive driving:

  • You will not pay the fine to the court for one traffic violation.
  • You will not have to go to court for that violation.
  • The violation will be dismissed.
  • There will be no points assessed to your record.

**If you have been cited with A.R.S. 28-645A3A (RED LIGHT VIOLATION) or A.R.S. 28-647 (DISOBEY FLASHING SIGNAL), or are under the age of 18 and are found Responsible for a moving violation, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department will require you to attend a Traffic Survival School pursuant to the requirements of the Arizona Revised Statutes. If you are eligible for defensive driving and complete a class at least 7 days prior to your court date, your violation will be dismissed and you will not be required to attend a Traffic Survival School by the Motor Vehicle Division**


Contact the Court for more information if the violation is not listed here.

28-701A- Failure to Control Speed to Avoid Collision $220.00
28-701A (1-10 MPH Over Limit) $205.00
28-701A (11-15 MPH Over Limit) $220.00
28-701A (16-20 MPH Over Limit) $235.00
28-701A (21-25 MPH Over Limit) $250.00
28-701A (26-30 MPH Over Limit) $305.00
28-701A (31-35 MPH Over Limit) $330.00
28-701A (36-40 MPH Over Limit) $355.00
28-702.0lA Waste of Finite Resources $92.50
28-702.0lC (11-15 MPH Over Limit) $250.00
28-702.0lC (16-20 MPH Over Limit) $265.00
28-702.0lC (21-25 MPH Over Limit) $280.00
28-702.0lC (26-30 MPH Over Limit) $305.00
28-702.0lC (31-35 MPH Over Limit) $315.00
28-702.0lC (36-40 MPH Over Limit) $330.00
28-702.04B (1-10 MPH Over Limit) $235.00
28-702.04B (11-15 MPH Over Limit) $250.00
28-702.04B (16-20 MPH Over Limit) $265.00
28-702.04B (21-25 MPH Over Limit) $305.00
28-702.04B (26-30 MPH Over Limit) $330.00
28-702.04B (31-35 MPH Over Limit) $355.00
28-702.04B (36-40 MPH Over Limit) $380.00
28-448A Failure to Change Name/Address within 10 days $170.00
28-644A1Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device $210.00
28-645A3A Red Light Violation $205.00
28-647 Disobey Flashing Signal $200.00
28-651 Use Private Property to Avoid Traffic Signal $200.00
28-710A Highway Work Zone Speed $243.80
28-710B Highway Work Zone Speed $346.30
28-721 Failure to Drive on Right $200.00
28-723 Overtaking on the Left $200.00
28-724 Overtaking on the Right $200.00
28-726 Driving Left of Center $200.00
28-727 No Passing Zone - Marked $200.00
28-730 Following Too Close $200.00
28-753 Unsafe Starting Parked Vehicle $200.00
28-754 Turning Movements $200.00
28-755 Fail to Use Signal $200.00
28-771 Failure to Yield $200.00
28-772 Fail to Yield on Left Turn at Intersection $200.00
28-773 Fail to Yield from Stop Sign $200.00
28-774 Fail to Yield from Private Drive $200.00
28-775 Approaching Emergency Vehicle $200.00
28-792A/B Pedestrian Right of Way $200.00
28-797F/G School Zone Speed in Excess of 15MPH $243.80
28-797H/I School Zone Speed in Excess of 15 MPH $346.30
28-855 Stop Sign Violation $200.00
28-857Al Fail to Stop for School Bus $510.80
28-873 Stop/Stand/Park Where Prohibited $190.00
28-884 Stop/Stand/Park in Handicapped Zone $210.00
28-895 Coasting Prohibited $200.00
28-896 Speed Causing Trailer to Sway $200.00
28-907A/B Child Passenger Restraint System $154.80
28-909Al Lap and Shoulder Belt Required $ 83.60
28-921 thru 28-961 Equipment Violations $175.00
28-957A/B Windshield Wipers Required/Working Order $150.00
28-957.01A Windshield Required $175.00
28-1098A Spilling Load on Roadway $230.00
28-1098B Load Insecure $230.00
28-2060A/B Fail to Transfer Registration/Title within30 days $165.00
28-2153A No Current Registration $185.00
28-2158C Fail to Possess Current Registration $185.00
28-2352A No Current Registration CONTACT COURT
28-2354A1 No Rear License Plate $175.00
28-3151A No Valid Driver License $175.00
28-3154Bl No Instruction Permit in Possession $190.00
28-3154B2 No Adult with Driver with Instruction Permit Only $190.00
28-3169 Fail to Possess/Display Driver License $170.00
28-3475 Permit Unauthorized Person to Drive $205.00
28-3482A Driving on Supended License for FTA/FTP CONTACT COURT
28-4135 No Insurance/No Proof of Insurance CONTACT COURT
28-4139A Mandatory Insurance Suspended Plates $510.80
28-4532A1 No Dealer Plate Displayed 955.80
10.12.010 More than 18" from Curb $ 75.00
10.12.040 Stopping, Standing or Parking in Prohibited Area $ 90.00
10.16.020 Parked for Sale on Undeveloped Land $ 90.00
10.16.050 Parked for Sale on Private Property $ 90.00
10.12.120 Handicapped Parking $140.00
10.12.080 Curb Marking/Signs Restricting Parking $ 75.00
10.12.050 Prohibited School Parking $ 90.00
10.12.030 Curbless Roadway Parking $ 90.00
10.12.140 Parking out of a Space $ 90.00
11.04.190 Fire Lane $140.00
8.16.130 Overnight Mooring in Channel $290.00