The Community Investment Department provides centralized development related services in a single department.

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Community Investment Department is here to provide entitlement and permitting processes that are efficient, predictable, and transparent, with no surprises along the way, and services that are both timely and accurate. Over and above development review, the Department is involved in a variety of land use, engineering and housing special projects, which benefit the community.

Our team cares about the people and projects that come into the City of Lake Havasu City. We appreciate every applicant’s desire to invest in our community and take very seriously our role to help new and existing businesses to succeed. The Community Investment Department strives to discover, communicate, and implement solutions which work for applicants as well as the community.

The Community Investment Department does not use the traditional division of the Department by work group. Instead, Community Investment promotes the intermingling of all talents to be used as needed to best accomplish a specific task. This method breaks down the “silos” created in traditional departments, which hampers communications and created duplication of work among our employees. This new method of service delivery provides maximum flexibility in meeting the always changing demands of small and large projects. Attention to our customers is enhanced by having the right expertise on hand to make on the best on the spot decision for the customer and the community. No need to seek outside approvals. Community Investment always has the right talent at the right time to make the right decision.

  • J. Greg Froslie, P.E.  Director, City Engineer