Commercial-Hazardous-MaterialsHazardous materials (HAZMAT) are prevalent within Lake Havasu City and have the potential to pose serious health and safety risks if not stored, dispensed, used, handled or disposed properly. The LHCFD strives to identify all occupancies which store, dispense, use and handle HAZMAT to ensure that these businesses operate in a safe, legal and approved manner.

Hazardous processes are commercial and industrial processes which pose special hazards to workers and first responders dealing with these processes. Examples of hazardous processes include but are not limited to: Automotive repair garages, hot work operations including welding, flammable liquid spraying operations and spray booths, woodworking plants, dry cleaning plants, combustible dust-producing operations, high piled storage, open flames, open burning, dispensing of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials.

The documents below contain laws, standards, regulations and best practices when it comes to storing, dispensing, using, handling and disposing of HAZMAT in a safe and reasonable manner.

Please use these documents to determine if your property uses hazardous chemicals which require regulation because of the quantity on site or the inherently hazardous nature of the material.

Also, use the information below to understand when your premises, building, or work area requires NFPA 704 Hazard Identification warning signage to provide important information for first responders who arrive at your facility at a fire or HAZMAT emergency.