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Most Fireworks are ILLEGAL in Arizona and are NOT ALLOWED in Lake Havasu City


Many people believe that the ability to purchase fireworks in another state or at a  tribal store in Arizona make them legal for use in Lake Havasu City. THAT IS FALSE. Most fireworks are illegal in Arizona and the few types that are allowed may only be used on certain dates. You are responsible to know the law before you use fireworks in Lake Havasu City. The information on this page will help guide you, but as a general rule:  If you didn’t buy it in Lake Havasu City it is most likely illegal to use it here.


The first step is simple, do you have fireworks that leave the ground or explode?  If it leaves the ground or explodes it is illegal.  Firecrackers, bottle rockets, air shells, and other types of exploding consumer fireworks are illegal in Arizona and are NEVER allowed in Lake Havasu City.  You MAY NOT buy, sell, possess, or use illegal fireworks at any time.  If it leaves the ground or explodes it is illegal.


Both state law and city ordinance allows the use of ground fountains and other ignitable devices that remain on the ground.  These types of fireworks are known as permissible consumer fireworks and are allowed twice a year.  Fireworks stands in Lake Havasu City are regulated by the Fire Marshal and may only sell permissible consumer fireworks.  As a general rule, buy it here if you want to use it here.  Click on the images below for more information about fireworks.