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Lake Havasu City Fire Department
Proudly Serving Our Community since 1966

The Lake Havasu City Fire Department began as the Lake Havasu Volunteer Fire Company when the organization was officially formed on August 11, 1966.  The department began operating from a structure located at the old airport on the Island.

On January 23, 1969, a groundbreaking celebration took place to begin construction of a fire station located adjacent to (former Chief) Baxter Harris’ Chevron Station at the corner of McCulloch Boulevard and Smoketree Avenue.

In 1970, the department became a combination department when the first paid staff was hired.

In 1973, the original Fire Station 1 was built at 145 Lake Havasu Avenue N. It was the first fire station owned and built by the Volunteer Fire Department.  Over the years the station served as Fire Headquarters, Fire Prevention, and Fire Station 1.  The station became Fire Station 5 when a new station was built near City Hall in 2001.  Station 5 has been remodeled and is still in service today.  A portion of the station is currently leased by River City United Way.

In 1973, the original Fire Station 2 was built at 1980 Kiowa Boulevard N.  The station was replaced when a new station was built nearby in 1995.  The building was used by the parks department until they relocated to the public works building on London Bridge Road in 2016.  In 2018, the property was leased to the Havasu Community Health Foundation and was renovated to serve as the new community food bank.

In 1974, Fire Station 3 was built at 3620 Buena Vista Avenue.  Station 3 has been remodeled and is still in service today.

In 1978, Lake Havasu City was incorporated.

In 1980, Fire Station 4 was built at 3720 Palo Verde Boulevard S.  Station 4 has been remodeled and is still in service today.

In 1991, Fire Station 6 was built at the airport.  Although originally used as an air ambulance facility, it was placed in service as Fire Station 6 in September 2005.

In 1995, Fire Station 2 was built at 2065 Kiowa Boulevard N.  The station was built to replace the original station located nearby.

In 1996, the first fire boat was placed in service.  The Campbell Whaler was built locally and allowed the department to also begin providing EMS service on the lake.

In 2001, Fire Station 1 was built at 96 Acoma Boulevard S.  The station was built as one of the tenants of the new city hall complex.  The location on Acoma Boulevard is adjacent to city hall and the police department.

In 2005, a four story fire training tower was constructed adjacent to station 2.

In 2006, the department discontinued the use of paid-on-call firefighters and became a career department.

In 2007, the department added a modern fire boat to the fleet.  The boat is moored at the State Water Safety Center at Contact Point.

In 2014, the department took delivery of 5 Pierce apparatus (4 engines and 1 truck) to modernize the fleet.

In 2016, the department celebrated 50 Years of Service to the Community.


Chief Baxter Harris, 1966 to 1967

Chief Arden Johnson, 1968

Chief Ernie Cherry, 1969

Chief Ernie Smith, 1970 to 1981

Chief Bob Weber, 1981 to 1990

Chief Bob Ward, 1990 to 1996

Chief John Bergman, 1996 to 2005

Chief Chip Shilosky, 2005 to 2006

Chief Dennis Mueller, 2006 to 2016

Chief Brian Davis, 2016 to Present