Open burning in Arizona is highly regulated for both fire safety and air quality. Most open burning is not allowed. There are limited occasions when you may be allowed to burn natural materials; however, the smoke must NOT be a nuisance to your neighbors or cause a vision obstruction. The information on this page will help guide you, but as a general rule:  If your neighbor, the police, or the fire department ask you to stop, you must immediately extinguish your fire. A permit NEVER allows you to continue. PLEASE NOTE: a warming fire is legal and equivalent to an indoor fireplace. The fire department will not restrict a legal action based on a disingenuous nuisance claim. Click on the images below for more information about open burning.

Warming Fire


A permit is NOT REQUIRED for a warming fire.

A small private warming fire is allowed on your residential property. It is not necessary to notify the fire department and no permit is required. You must be present and have a water source available while the fire is burning. Firewood is the ONLY material that may be burned.

Warming fires may not be within 10 feet of a structure and must be immediately extinguished if the smoke causes a genuine nuisance.

Contact the Fire Marshal for more information if you would like to sell legal fireworks.

In-Ground Weeds


A permit is REQUIRED to burn in-ground weeds.

An LP torch may be used to burn weeds that are in the ground if the wind and weather conditions allow.  You may obtain a permit at any fire station or at the fire department administrative offices at city hall.  All of the requirements and restrictions are noted on the permit. Weeds that have been pulled may not be burned.

A permit does not allow you to continue if you create a nuisance.



A permit from the Fire Marshal is REQUIRED for a bon fire.

A large bon fire may be allowed for a gathering or other event with prior notice. The Fire Marshal will impose strict requirements when issuing a permit. Notification will be required prior to ignition and again after the bon fire is extinguished. An event organizer may be required to have the fire department on-site during a bon fire, at the expense of the organizer.

Brush Fire


Burning brush in Lake Havasu City is NOT allowed. Yard waste should be disposed of with your regular garbage.

Controlled Burn


A permit from the Fire Marshal is REQUIRED for a controlled burn.

Land owners that would like to conduct a prescribed burn for clearing purposes should contact the Fire Marshal.