Autumn Sage
Salvia greggii

Autumn Sage is a soft, small shrub with aromatic foliage similar to that of mint, and flowers sure to attract hummingbirds. As a member of the Mint Family (Lamiaceae), the Autumn Sage’s leaves both smell and look similar to common Mint.

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Type: Shrubs
Hardiness: 15˚F
Water: Low/Medium
Sun Exposure: Full, Partial
Growth Rate: Fast
Average Size: 2’ H × 2’ W
Coverage: 3 square feet
Foliage Type: Semi-evergreen
Foliage Color: Pale-green
Flower Color: Usually red but occasionally pink, white, orange, or purple
Flower Season: Lat Summer, Autumn, and Spring
Fruit: Inconspicuous
Thorns: No
Allergies: Unknown
In a garden setting, prune back to 4 inches in late winter and again by one half in August to maintain a tidy shape, or allow to grow and spread or sprawl for a more natural appearance, with occasional pruning of old wood. It generally has a long period of bloom that climaxes in late summer and early autumn. There are a plethora of cultivated varieties with different flower colors. Infrequent irrigations especially during the summer helps autumn sage maintain a healthy appearance.