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Lake Havasu City Council established HYAC in 2010, under the leadership of Mayor Mark S. Nexsen, to serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council to promote leadership and communication of ideas of Lake Havasu City’s youth.


Our mission is to provide insight and feedback on issues relating to youth, including long range planning and city-school district relations to improve the quality of life in Lake Havasu City.


We are high school students with a VOICE in Lake Havasu City! We help shape the future of Lake Havasu City by bringing youth issues to the City Council’s attention, aiding Council in understanding youth concerns, and promoting positive change in Lake Havasu City through action and involvement. We help others in the community and network with other youth citywide and statewide while providing a valuable service to Lake Havasu City.


In 2016, through the Center for Future of Arizona and Arizona State University, HYAC competed in the Democraseed Competition to improve civic health in Lake Havasu City. Their project, “Project: We Outcare” received 1st place in the competition, and focuses on teacher retention. Teacher retention was at an all-time low following the 2016-17 school year, and most of the teachers left due to not feeling rooted or supported by the community. By 2017, HYAC created a website to provide ongoing social cohesion between the teachers, parents, local businesses and residents; and, challenged the community to “outcare” each other while supporting local teachers. The average teacher spends $500 a year out of pocket to fulfill their classroom needs. is a site built to help teachers receive items for their classrooms straight from their community supporters instead of from their own pockets. Along with the successful bond and override passages in November of 2016, the website continues to help improve the community connection and retention of our teachers. Certified teacher turnover reduced from 22% for 2016-17 school year to only 8% for 2017-18 school year. Please visit to learn more about the project or to support a local teacher.