The attorneys at Whitney | Whitney | Baldridge | Atkinson (WWBA) bring years of trial and criminal defense experience to the Lake Havasu City Municipal Court.  WWBA is a private law firm that handles all Court appointed (public defender) work for the City of Lake Havasu.  This means that for those appointed to our office (sometimes referred to as the Public Defender’s Office), they get the same time, attention, and devoted defense counsel as those that retain private counsel at their own expense. WWBA attorneys strive to offer the best defense possible in every single case, and their work in Lake Havasu City Municipal Court reflects that.  Most often, each client represented is just like them: a citizen of Lake Havasu City or a visitor to Lake Havasu City deserving all of the rights and protections of the United States and Arizona Constitutions.

If you are a current client, you can access all of your case information (like your police report, any plea offer, the next court date, and a direct messaging service to your attorney) through our client portal available on our website.

If you are a new client and not yet enrolled in the client portal service call the number below to get enrolled today.