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To apply for Water Service complete the following application. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

  • You are required to provide identification for all parties listed on application.
  • You are required to provide your lease/rental agreement showing all occupants of the property.
  • There is a $100.00 deposit required for all customers unless you are able to provide a letter of credit from a previous utility provider.
  • Same day service fee is $70.00; next day or future date service fee is $35.00.  Service fee and deposit will appear on first bill.
    • Deposit can be waived with letter of credit from utility provider.
  • Please allow 45-60 days to receive your first utility bill.
  • A Two-Day Notice Is Required to Disconnect Service.
Please attach a valid State or Government photo ID (Customer)
Please attach a valid State or Government photo ID (Spouse/Roommate)
Attach a Letter of Credit (If applicable)

*Same day service must be requested by 3:00PM MST.  Service requests are completed Monday – Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM MST (excluding City Holidays).

Are you the property owner?
Attach copy of rental agreement


City Regulations State:

Should utility services be discontinued by the City because of failure of the user to pay any of the charges therefore, services shall not be restored to the premises involved unless and until all charges which are delinquent, including penalties, and/or required deposits, if any, have been paid in full. The City will make a charge for restoring service which has been discontinued by reason of non-payment. Per City Ordinances, as long as there is water service to a residential property, the monthly trash charge and minimum sewer charge is mandatory. If charges are not paid by the 20th day after the billing date, a penalty of 10% of the amount of the bill shall be added. Further, City regulations provide that utility services include water, sewer, and trash and that the application of any payment will be in order: penalty, tax, trash, sewer, and then water. Non-payment of any portion of the utility bill may result in a delinquent water balance and possible discontinuance of water services. Requests for refund of deposits will be processed within 30 days and will be applied as a credit to the account. Any outstanding balances and/or service charges will be deducted from the deposit and refunds will not be made until any final billing has has been paid.