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Lake Havasu City residents can save on monthly sewer costs by conserving water during winter months.

The City will take the average of the billed water usage for the 3 lowest of the 4 winter months.  This average determines your sewer charge for the 12 months that begin in May 2020. 

In order to achieve the minimum sewer rate of $41.00 your average monthly water consumption must be 562 cubic feet or less. Your consumption can be found in the Water Meter Information section of your monthly billing statement. Sample Statements are available at the Customer Service Window located in City Hall and will highlight the fields you should review to monitor your usage.

The Winter Quarter Average usage period begins on 11/16/2020 and ends on 4/8/2021. The City is divided into four cycles; your start date will vary depending on your location.

You can find your water zone on the map below. Search for your address and click on the area you are located in. The pressure zone number corresponds to the cycle number. The winter quarter average dates for each cycle are listed below. You can also contact Customer Service if you have questions.


All city maps are available at the link below. To find the water pressure zone map, click on the layer list button in the upper right corner. Next, you will need to expand the "PublicWorksData" section and check the box next to "Water Pressure Zones".

  • Cycle (Pressure Zone) 1 - November 16 thru March 18
  • Cycle (Pressure Zone) 2 - November 23 thru March 25
  • Cycle (Pressure Zone) 3 - November 30 thru April 1
  • Cycle (Pressure Zone) 4 - December 7 thru April 8

Enter the water usage read amount for each month and then press the "Calculate" button.