Lake Havasu Water Savers is a group consisting of the Lake Havasu City Water Conservation Office, volunteers for water conservation in Lake Havasu City, and local like-minded citizens who understand the importance and necessity of conserving our most valuable and precious resource, water. Being proactive and making the effort to conserve water in our community is all it takes to become a Lake Havasu Water Saver!

Lake Havasu Water Savers strive to stay informed on our water supply, and are always looking for new ways in which we can save water both as individuals and as a community. With the Lake Havasu reservoir being an important diversion point in the lower Colorado River providing water to over 24 million Americans, Lake Havasu Water Savers understand that water conservation and proper resource management are essential to ensuring the continued prosperity of communities scattered all throughout the Southwestern United States. With pressures from continued drought and increasing population, never has there been a more pressing time in which we must work together to lower our collective water use.

For more information on how the Lake Havasu City Water Conservation Office is addressing water resource and conservation concerns, please click on the link below to view the 2020 Water Conservation Plan.


If you are experiencing water pressure issues, or if you suspect your increased water consumption is due to high water pressure, you will first need to check the water pressure of the water main on your street. If the water pressure on your street is above 65 pounds per square inch (PSI), you should check to make sure your water pressure regulator is working properly on a regular basis with a pressure gauge.

How to find your water pressure:

  1. Click the link above to visit our Fire Hydrants map. Type your address into the search bar. Make sure to include Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
  2. The program will automatically zoom into the address location. Find the red-orange hydrant symbols. You may have to zoom out a bit or pan around to find the hydrants.
  3. Click on the two closest fire hydrants (maybe at either end of your street), and write down both numbers.
  4. Average the two numbers.
  5. Voila! That is your approximate water pressure! Please remember that the City has several pressure zones and if you see a great difference between nearby hydrant pressures (hydrants uphill from a pressure boundary will have very high pressures whereas hydrants downhill from the boundary have low pressures), then the pressure boundary is near your house. You will need to ensure you are using hydrants from the pressure boundary that your address resides in or your calculation will be invalid.


Water pressure entering your home should be below 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). Lake Havasu City code requires all properties in the City to have pressure regulators to ensure the pressure does not exceed this recommendation as pressures above 60 PSI can lead to water leaks and increased water consumption on your property. If you are located in a high water pressure zone, and would like to have your home/business water pressure checked to ensure your water pressure regulator is functioning, please fill out the request below. Our Water Conservation Specialist or a water conservation volunteer will check you pressure within approximately five business days and leave a door tag detailing your water pressure.

Our Water Conservation Specialist or volunteer will need access to a hose bib on your property (preferably the hose bib closest to your water pressure regulator/incoming water line). Please use the section below to inform us of any locked fences, animals on the property etc. that may hinder the ability of our specialist to obtain a pressure read on your property.