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Do you want this to be an anonymous complaint?

If you do not want this to be anonymous please provide the following information:

Thank you for the report!

A Code Enforcement Inspector will check the property to determine if the complaint is valid. Our goal is to perform the initial inspection within two business days. We attempt to make contact with the tenant or property owner as part of the initial inspection to explain the nature of the complaint. If a violation is found, we mail a Notice of Violation to the property owner and tenant. Per city code, we allow the violator up to 30 days to take care of the issue. In many cases the issue is resolved well before the 30-day time limit. Non-compliance may lead to criminal prosecution and a fine of up to $2,500 per violation.

*Please keep in mind your name will be part of the public record if you do not want to be anonymous.

6-27-18 Airport Advisory Board Meeting