The Lake Havasu City Problem Solving Courts was established January 25, 2022. Unlike Traditional Court, Problem Solving Courts focus on the treatment and support service needs of the participant. The goal is to reduce recidivism while restoring the individual and fostering an environment in which the participant can be a productive member of the community.

Currently, the Lake Havasu City Problem Solving Courts has two specialty courts: Youth Court and Veterans Treatment Court. For more information click on the above pages

Lake Havasu City Problem Solving Courts has future plans to establish:

  • Co-Occurring Court
    • Participants have both Mental Health and Substance use disorders
    • Risk Assessment Driven (High Risk/High Need)
    • Established Treatment and Testing plans
    • Connection to Peer Support Services
  • Community Court
    • Participants have “crimes against the community”
    • Littering // Graffiti // Criminal Speeding // Shoplifting // Illegal Camping // Etc
    • Community Service Driven
    • Connection to other Specialty Courts and Services
  • Domestic Violence (D/V) Court
    • Participants with multiple D/V’s or extreme circumstances
    • Established D/V Treatment and Testing plans
    • Victim involvement
  • DUI Court
    • Defendants with multiple DUI’s or Super Extreme DUI’s
    • Established DUI Treatment and Testing plans
    • MADD Impact Panel