September 20, 2022

At approximately 5:30pm on Monday, September, 19, 2022, a 60-year old female hiker was reported lost and out of water near the SARA Park Trailhead. The hiker called 911 because she was unable to find her way back to the trailhead and out of water for approximately an hour. The high temperature of the day was approximately 102 degrees. Three Engines Companies, a Battalion Chief, and two rescue vehicles responded. The hiker was located on the trail twenty six minutes after emergency crews arrived.  Crews deployed a drone to assist with the search.

The Lake Havasu City Fire Department cannot stress enough that if you desire to hike in the summer months it is important to start early, carry plenty of water, know the area you are hiking in, advise others of your plan, carry a fully charged cell phone, and most of all know you limits. Hiking during extreme heat advisories is not recommended.  

For further information, contact the on duty Battalion Chief.

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