March 23, 2022

Mayor Cal Sheehy proclaims April 2nd as Earth Day 2022 -Invest in Our Planet, in Lake Havasu City to kick-off the month of April in honor of Earth Day, and to promote a community-wide Day of Service cleanup effort in partnership with our local Rotary Clubs, Marine Association, Republic Services and other service organizations.

Residents who would like to participate in the day of service in commemoration of Earth Day can do so by visiting the Republic Services office at 2011 College Drive or Michael Alan Furnishings at 2010 Acoma Blvd, to pick-up complimentary bags to pick-up trash and debris in our community. Republic Services will have complimentary trash bins at the north and south ends of Lake Havasu City near each welcome sign to dispose of all collected debris.

Since 1970, Earth Day has been globally recognized as a way to motivate environmental initiatives. Each year, but every day is the perfect opportunity for residents to show their commitment to protect the environment through more sustainable practices.

“It’s because of caring organizations like these and residents in our community that Lake Havasu City has been described as a beautiful desert oasis, paradise and a premier vacation destination for the past 50 years,” says Mayor Cal Sheehy.

If you would like to join the Rotary clubs or the Marine Association teams on April 2nd, please leave a message on their EARTH DAY Facebook page or send an email to Carrie Hemme to inquire how you may join in.

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