The Lake Havasu City Police Department Cadet program is a law enforcement exploration program wherein young adults aged 14-20, who have completed the eighth grade, are mentored by existing Lake Havasu City Police Officers. These officers help the cadets prepare for a career in law enforcement by developing a fundamental understanding of police procedures, duties, and concepts. The program additionally encourages community service and responsibility, as all cadets are volunteers for the city of Lake Havasu and participate in numerous city and department events throughout the year. The program currently meets once per week, after school hours, to provide continued training and to prepare for competitions against other similar programs throughout the year.

In the LHCPD Cadets program, cadets will:

  • Learn the duties and procedures of LHCPD officers. This includes being taught how to conduct a traffic stop, search a building, handcuff suspects, patrol activities, firearms training, traffic law, etc.
  • Understand how different parts of the LHCPD function together. To do this, cadets are taught how the city’s detention facility is operated and how SWAT, Communications, Detective Division, DPS Crime Lab etc., is used in conjunction with patrol. This normally includes giving cadets a chance to tour various facilities.
  • Compete with different police departments across the United States. Each year cadets are given the chance to travel to different cities to attend Law Enforcement Exploring Conferences and academies as well as to compete with other cadets in law enforcement-related scenarios.
  • Develop leadership skills, self-confidence, maturity and discipline. Cadets are given the chance to advance in rank by testing for the position of corporal, sergeant, and with each rank attained, the cadets are challenged by being put in a leadership role within the program. Cadets also must maintain their uniform and pass inspection by the advisers as well as other police personnel.
  • Participate in community activities. As part of their membership requirements, cadets are called upon by departments and community organizations to help facilitate events and gatherings such as parades, special events, and other community functions.


Over the years, our Police Cadet Program has consisted of many Cadets graduating and moving into a career in law enforcement. Join our ranks!

  • Be 14 (and having passed the 8th grade) to 20 years of age.
  • Currently attend high school, graduated from high school or have obtained a GED.
  • Maintain a “C” grade average or higher.
  • Have a good moral character.
  • Not have a serious police record, must be willing to submit to a complete background check.
  • Be of good mental and physical health.
  • Take and pass a written exam.
  • Be able to attend weekly cadet meetings.
  • Be willing to volunteer your time to attend cadet functions.
  • Be willing to commit to the cadet code and exemplify the professional image of the Lake Havasu City Police Department.

Each cadet must “retire” from the Cadet Program Post upon his/her 21st birthday

  • Register as a volunteer for Police Cadet Program at the link below.
  • You will be notified by a Police Cadet Advisor after your online registration has been completed and submitted.
  • A cadet application will be provided by a cadet advisor or School Resource Officer and must be completed and returned.
  • Pass a background investigation.
  • Cadet staff and cadet advisors make a determination on acceptance or non-acceptance into the program.


Each summer, the Lake Havasu City Police Department hosts the Arizona HEAT Academy, formally known as MLEEA.  This week-long academy provides police cadets nationwide with basic law enforcement training.

The academy focuses on education, leadership, discipline, and physical fitness by placing them in a very unique on-site “Police Academy” setting. Classes are taught in a classroom setting as well as hands-on, to give cadets a true police academy experience.

The 2023 academy is set to occur between June 10th and June 17th.

Academy fee: $275 per Cadet.

The academy is limited to 48 Cadets, so we strongly encourage advisors to reserve slots in advance.

There is a $50 deposit to reserve slots.

Click here for our current application


Officer Angus McCabe, Cadet Advisor
Lake Havasu City Police Department

Officer Derek Johnson, Cadet Advisor
Lake Havasu City Police Department


One of the most important goals of the cadet program is to support and give back to the community. Therefore, cadets volunteer and participate in a variety of department and community services events throughout the year.

Some of the events the cadets can work are:

  • Parking details
  • Traffic control
  • Much more

If a person, business or group would like to use cadet services for an event we can work or questions about what events we can assist with, please contact a Cadet Advisor.


Throughout the year, our Police Cadets travel to regional competitions where they are able to apply the knowledge they have learned during weekly meetings in both team and individual events.

Competitions are a great way for the cadets to travel, meet other young adults who share the same interests, and speak with law enforcement professionals from both local and federal agencies.


Arizona tax law (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers a tax credit of up to $400 if they elect to support school extracurricular activities.  One of the extracurricular activities you can choose to support is Lake Havasu City Police Cadet Program.

More information about the tax credit and all the forms you need to contribute can be found at the link below.