June 17, 2020

Following COVID-19 case increases and hospitalizations, Governor Doug Ducey today announced enhanced actions to contain the spread of the virus and protect Arizona’s most vulnerable residents. The announced actions build on Arizona’s substantial efforts to boost testing, expand contact tracing, secure PPE for health care and frontline workers, fast-track resources to the most affected areas and more.

Key requirements from the Executive Order include requiring that the Arizona Department of Health (ADHS) Services shall implement a consistent, statewide system for cases investigation and contact tracing and manage these public health activities on behalf of the State. All local health departments shall follow the protocols of the statewide system until the ADHS has determined the adequate infrastructure and resources to support ongoing case investigation and contact tracing at the local level are available. 

A portion of Executive Order 2020-40 reads:

Notwithstanding directives in Executive Order 2020-36, Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger, regarding A.R.S. 26-307, a county, city or town may, based on conditions in its jurisdiction, adopt policies regarding the wearing of face coverings in public for the purpose of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Any enforcement of such a policy shall focus first on educating and working to promote best practices to accomplish the goal of mitigation. An individual shall be notified of the provisions of this order or any policy adopted by a county, city or town and given an opportunity to comply prior to any enforcement action being taken.

In an effort to slow the spread, the City continues to educate the public on the importance of adhering to CDC guidelines, including the use of masks in public spaces.  The City continues to coordinate with state and local health officials in an effort to keep the public safe. 

“We are grateful to Governor Ducey for the flexibility to make local decisions that meet the health needs of our community,” said Mayor Cal Sheehy. “We will continue to monitor cases in Lake Havasu City and make the best decisions based on data for the health and safety of our citizens.  In an effort to continue to slow the spread of COVID-19 we encourage citizens and visitors to follow the guidance and wear face covering when unable to physically distance.”  

For more information, including a link to the Governor’s Executive Orders and other City services related to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 page at the link below.

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