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The Operations Division is managed by Division Chief Jeff Harran.


The standard daily staffing is 1 Battalion Chief, 6 Captains, 6 Engineers, and 12 Firefighters.  When the number of personnel is reduced due to training or vacation, the minimum number of staff each day is 21.


Since 1978, the Lake Havasu City Fire Department has provided advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) service to the city and portions of southern Mohave County.  In 1996, the service was expanded to include lake coverage with the addition of a fireboat.  The department is currently capable of providing EMS service on the Colorado River from Interstate 40 to Parker Dam.

The typical fire department response to a medical emergency includes at least 1certified emergency paramedic (CEP) and 2 basic emergency medical technicians (EMT).  Transport to Havasu Regional Medical Center is provided by River Medical Ambulance Service.


Our training facility includes administrative offices, 2 classrooms, a training tower, and drill grounds. The training office coordinates department training and testing.  The mission of training is to provide realistic, on-going, and verifiable training.